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What's inside every issue?

We want you to be confident about how each issue will help you improve your practice! 

We've outlined just some of the key content found in each issue below.
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Improving Production & 
Sales Efficiency

  • Learn how to create efficient systems for ensuring you’re engaging with existing clients when the opportunity for impactful dialog and potential business is highest
  • Create a thoughtful agenda that maximizes prospecting opportunities, and creates efficient case opens
  • ​Create annual reviews clients look forward to!
  • Let us do the heavy lifting on identifying year end opportunities to boost your Q4 pipeline
  • ​Learn the strategies, driven by recent legislative changes, that have put over $600k of new business on our desk in the past 3 months
  • ​Learn how the ambiguity around current tax changes can create the urgency needed to prompt clients to take action on certain strategies now
  • Learn the psychological breakdown of what it takes to get to YES… so you can pinpoint and address exactly where clients get stuck in your sales process
  • ​Get our PROVEN 3 step framework for driving clients to action
  • Learn specific tactics to shorten your sales cycle
  • Learn the most common cognitive biases that hold advisors back professionally and personally and how you can recognize and avoid them
  • Learn the ultimate framework for handling objections – one that drives and explains human decision-making, no matter the topic
  • ​Uncover specific examples of the most common objections and client hesitations and how you can use this framework as a tool to end client procrastination and delay and prompt taking the actions needed to move forward

Integrated Practice Building

  • The top 3 beliefs top producers universally believe to be true
  • ​Which attributes most contribute to Pathfinder success
  • ​A quick way to identify which top 3 areas deserve your attention most
  • ​Two strategic ways to scale and improve your practice
  • Understand where we are in the cycle of M&A and business valuation and the asset management industries position within that
  • Uncover the four key categories that impact a firm's valuation
  • ​Learn tactical strategies to implement both now and closer to a potential sale to improve the value of the firm
  • Explore additional considerations that commanded above-market valuations and premium multiples

Practice Efficiency, Systems and Value

  • Learn the Top 5 System-Building Principles used to create every system within our 5-Star Pathfinder, 1m+/1m+ practice
  • ​Look inside the approach that created the systems, processes, and team design structures that enabled record-breaking growth at NM
  • ​This issue includes: Word-for-word examples of follow-up emails; The exact team breakdown and template we use to ensure role efficiency, focus, and transparency; And several streamlined, systematic approaches for getting expedited application information
  • Learn 5 critical pillars of time management and put them to work for your practice
  • ​Create efficiencies that put more time back in your day and more focus on what matters most
  • ​Unlock the methods top practices use to avoid distraction, make the most of the time you have, and drive greater results more consistently

Team Building

  • Calculate what your time is really worth with our eye-opening tool!
  • ​Utilize our proven framework for assessing which tasks could (and should) be taken off of your plate by a new hire, and which ones to prioritize keeping
  • ​Get our tips for streamlining successful role and efficient team design.
  • ​Build your team with the end in mind, by maximizing efficiency and speeding growth
  • Use our framework for attracting top applicants by determining and being able to clearly articulate your unique value proposition as an employer
  • ​Use our 4 steps to building an attractive job description; includes real-life example job descriptions
  • ​Learn which key characteristics to look for when screening applicants; and let us guide and streamline the process to build a screening toll and approach built just for you
  • Learn which RED FLAGS to look for and which tactics will negatively impact your hiring
  • ​Learn our 4 steps for successful hiring and the ONE, MUST-USE TACTIC for hiring A-level players
  • We hand over our tried-and-true 4-step interview process, including example questions and the red flags to watch for during the process
  • ​We give you our applicant score card to help compare and rate final candidates
  • ​Learn the five critical ways you should be "selling" your preferred candidate from the start
  • ​Learn to draft a comprehensive and attractive offer letter (example included) that boosts top candidate acceptance rates
  • Turnkey resources for 30, 60, and 90-day reviews
  • ​A broader performance review system that reinforces your ideal team culture
  • Detailed best practices and example structures for compensation and bonus plans that align incentives, make team members feel uniquely appreciated, and that are built for both short-term sustainability and long-term growth


  • Identifies the two elements that are CRITICAL when defining your target market – including the one that is ALMOST ALWAYS OVERLOOKED by advisors
  • ​Walks you step-by-step through how to determine who you’re best suited to work with and WHY
  • ​And then helps you think through how to turn these insights into winning and actionable language that will speak to your target audience, using a proven, easy to replicate, formulaic format 
  • ​Increased your clarity around what's working RIGHT NOW so you can prioritize initiatives that will build beyond the practice you  have and enable the practice you envision
  • ​The EXACT trialed, tested and proven prospecting frameworks and processes used in our multi-7-figure, 5-Star Pathfinder practice
  • ​SPECIFIC tactics to FOCUS your time, be more efficient and eliminate distractions that hinder your growth
  • ​BONUS: Strategies to stay resilient in a business that brings unprecedented levels of rejection
  • Learning the life stages of a practice and associated “normal” challenges associated with each stage
  • ​Determining which stage you are in and how to overcome normal challenges associated with that stage as well as identify and rectify dysfunctional challenges that hold your practice back
  • ​Step-by-step guidance on how to turn these insights into actionable language & prospecting strategies
  • A week-by-week prospecting challenge for ANY advisor at ANY level to participate in!
  • Discover the common themes and issues consistent across top practices
  • ​Learn the consistent order in which practices typically grow and which initiatives are typical at each stage
  • ​Learn from personal stories and experiences
  • ​Get organized and consistent growth with this streamlined workbook and a simple 4-week, challenge-style execution format!


  • Discover the single best metric to predict growth
  • ​Discover THREE places in your sales cycle where you can stand out and consistently exceed expectations
  • ​Includes tools and metrics to enhance your client experience and how to utilize your specific findings for improvement
  • ​Review proven methods to apply to your client experience based on the stage you are currently at in your practice
  • Guidance for building a congruent marketing & branding plan by walking through FOUR detailed initiatives
  • ​Tips & methods that will enhance the effectiveness and coordination of your marketing plan across FOUR different marketing areas
  • ​How to identify, articulate and then use your personal strengths and practice differentiators to better align your branding and marketing plans with the specific needs of your target market and ideal clients
GUEST CONTRIBUTOR: LinkedIn Credibility Consultant, Lindsey McMillion Stemann
  • Assess the completeness and effectiveness of your own personal LinkedIn profile
  • Explore ways to better improve & engage your presence on LinkedIn
  • Use our turnkey framework to develop a plan and timeframe for implementing these new strategies
  • Learn several tips and time-hacks for creating a consistent LinkedIn approach that you (and your team, if you have one) can reasonably commit to
  • Learn the 3 types of events advisors can run in order to be more deliberate about the outcomes your event will drive and improving your ability to track results and ROI
  • ​Deep dive into the details of several highly successful event examples and, more importantly, WHY they were so successful
  • ​Understand the strategy behind client gifting and how to optimize your gifting budget and program
  • ​Learn the details behind 4 potential gifting approaches so you can right-size the budget, time investment, and approach best-suited for your practice, without reinventing the wheel
  • ​Hear from a gifting expert used by advisors across the nation for outsourced gifting

Annual Planning and Personal Fulfillment

  • Leverage our comprehensive annual planning process for financial advisors
  • ​Consider the full picture – personal and professional – and create a vision and plan that helps you achieve both
  • ​Follow our guided steps to identify which strategic efforts matter most and to slate them out into a workable timeline
  • ​This is the same process and much of the same content we leverage in our $20k mastermind program… at DIY pricing, and then ½ off to boot (as this was originally offered as a double issue!)
  • Ever put a goal on the board because it “seemed” like the right thing to go after or because everyone else thought was the right next step for you?   How'd that work out?
  • Instead, learn how to create a goal you'll not only have true conviction in from the start… but one you can keep being motivated to go after.
  • ​Learn tactics to stay motivated even when your passion wanes and the road feels hard
  • ​Learn how to set bigger goals without setting yourself up for failure
  • ​And get help clarifying the exact metrics that will help drive more consistent success in reaching the new goals you're excited to put on the board
  • Honor your deep desire to give back in a way that doesn't stunt your growth
  • ​Break through performance and production plateaus with a new framework for vision setting
  • ​Understand and create your own framework for higher-level impact by defining how you will become a FORCE FOR GOOD
  • ​Reenergize your mission and reinvigorate your drive by including something much bigger than you as your WHY
  • ​​Develop a strategic action plan and create meaning behind your higher-level mission & giving plan
  • ​Reference a specific example through all its stages to illustrate how a strategic giving plan can come to life and take on a competitive driving force of its own to impact your personal and professional goals… and change the level of intentional impact you feel in your life. 


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